CS:GO Scraps

Level Design | 2013

Scraps of experimental projects built for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

gm mountainside

Level Design | 2013

A map for Garry's Mod, built entirely out of my own art assets. Mountainside is a big snowy stretch of highway based on the road up to Big Bear California.


Games | 2013

A Source Engine total-conversion mod. Conclave was a USC Gamepipe final game project during the 2012-2013 school year. It is a multiplayer spellcasting game that blends mechanics from fighting games, MOBAs, and shooters.

ctf landfall

Level Design | 2010

A map for Team Fortress 2. Landfall is designed for both competitive and casual play. It's small, fast, and has a unique layout designed to alleviate stalemate issues common in CTF.


Level Design | 2010

Vineyard was my entry in Valve's TF2 "Artpass Contest". The vineyard theme is a new theme for TF2 I created for my entry.

ctf haarp

Level Design | 2009

A map for Team Fortress 2. R.E.D. has constructed massive antenna arrays in a snowy Alaskan cliffside. HAARP uses a custom attack and defend ctf mode, and won www.tf2maps.net's 3rd annual mapping contest.