Andrew Thompson

I'm a Game Designer and Game Programmer.

I'm currently working at Vital Reality in LA.

Previously I was at Infinity Ward. In the past, I made maps and mods for the Source Engine.


Location: Los Angeles, California
LinkedIn: link


Professional Experience

Vital Reality | Nov 2020 - present

Senior Developer

Working as an uncouth hybrid of programming and design.

Infinity Ward | Feb 2014 - Nov 2020

Engineer | Oct 2018 - present

Title: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

  • Member of the Gameplay Programming Team.
  • Wrote efficient code for a 60fps, client-server model multiplayer game.
  • Collaborated with animators to support animation-state-machine features.
  • Collaborated with designers to improve and maintain respawning systems.

Game Designer, Scripter | Feb 2014 - Oct 2018

Title: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

  • Member of the Multiplayer Design Team.
  • Spearheaded an overhaul of weapon recoil mechanics during the first two years of the project.

Title: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • Member of the Singleplayer Design Team.
  • Scripting in GSC, a proprietary language similar to C#.
  • Iterating systemic gameplay features from prototype to ship.
  • Scripting space combat side-missions for the Jackal.
  • Scripting on-ground combat sequences.

Grab Games | Summer of 2011

Game Developer/Game Designer Intern

Facebook Titles: Brad Paisley World, Bad Meets Evil, Baby & Me, Survivor World

  • Scripting quests in json. Improving interfaces for usability. Designing tutorials.

Personal Experience

Unreal Engine | 2017-present

Various personal projects built with C++ and Blueprints.

Source Engine Mapping | 2005-2014

Work on over 9 multiplayer levels for Source Engine games, most with positive and popular reception.

ctf_landfall was acquired by Valve Software in 2015, and was released in ​TeamFortress 2​ as part of the “Tough Break” Update.


Game Design:

  • Systems design
  • combat design
  • level design
  • mission scripting


  • C++.
  • Some experience with lua (professional work).
  • Some experience with C#, python, html, and css (personal work).


  • Personal experience with modelling, sculpting, rigging, animating, and writing python scripts.
  • Personal experience with Photoshop texture work.

Software: Visual Studio, Unreal, Blender, Maya, Photoshop, Unity, Radiant, Hammer.


University of Southern California
BS Computer Science (Games)
Graduated 2013