Built In: XNA
Genre: Action, Arcade, RPG
Released: unreleased
Development Time: 2.5 months
My Role: Design, Programming, 3D Art

Geometry Wars meets Dota

Calamity Arena is a top-down action arcade game that combines twitch combat with Dota-style character progression and customization.

Start with a blank character, and buy new items and abilities as you fight waves of enemies. Survive and earn a high score with your own personal character build.

There are no classes or character selection -- every character starts as a blank slate. Build your character as offensively or defensively as you like. Experiment with combos or use brute force. Calamity Arena's combat plays however you want it to play.




Calamity Arena was a class project, and I collaborated with 2 other students. The game was built using code I authored for Gadgets as a foundation.

One of my favorite aspects of Dota, League of Legends, and other MOBAs is the ability to radically alter your character's play-style based on how you level up and what items you purchase. In Calamity Arena, I decided to take that concept further by making players always start with the same base character, and allowing them to equip different abilities as they go along. Instead of being constrained to a specific hero's play-style like in Dota, players get to create their own hero on the fly. Players choose between a sword and a bow for their basic attack, as they level up they can learn various offensive and defensive abilities, and they spend gold on stat-altering items.

A typical game lasts around 4-8 minutes. Because it's a single player game with short play sessions, Calamity Arena is far more forgiving than the highly competitive multiplayer games it takes inspiration from. Players are free to experiment and try new abilities and items each time they start a new game.