Built In: Source Engine (Mod)
Genre: Action, Multiplayer
Released: TBD
Development Time: 1 year
My Role: Project Lead

Official Site:

Third-Person Spell-Casting Action

In Conclave, battles are won not only with steel and strength, but with cunning use of magic. A hybrid between shooters and fighting games, Conclave is host to complex battles that demand skill and rapid decision making. No two battles are the same, and no strategy is fool proof.

Choose between five characters with unique abilities and combos. Each hero is a master of a different magical discipline, and each must fight differently to be victorious. Fight at range, or up close and personal. Engage your opponents head on or choose to deceive them instead.

Free-For-All Multiplayer Reimagined

Tired of being let down by teammates in your favorite multiplayer games? Look no further; Conclave is 100% free-for-all combat. All new mechanics and objectives ensure that you enjoy a deep strategic experience even while working alone.

Source Engine Mod

Conclave is a Source Engine total-conversion mod. It is not publicly released at this time.




Conclave was developed by a team of students at the University of Southern California Gamepipe Lab, during the 2012-2013 school year. Conclave is a concept I pitched, and I became the project lead. Our team was made up of over 25 students.

One of our primary goals with Conclave was to create a unique core gameplay loop that did not borrow ideas from other action games. I've found that most shooters on the market borrow heavilly from one game or another (there are many "Halo-like" or "Call-of-Duty-like" games). We wanted Conclave's "five seconds of fun" to be unlike any other games'.

One of the great things about building Conclave in Source is that the team was exposed to a AAA game development pipeline. Source Mods are built in C++, and the SDK tools are the same ones Valve uses to make its games. The code is not stripped down in any way to be user friendly. This was an invaluable experience for us (and it gave us excellent control over the game's features).

We originally planned to release Conclave online by the end of the school year. However, partway through production we decided to postpone a public release, and finish the game for our audience at USC. Conclave is finished in its current form, but it will not be publicly released in this form.