Built In: XNA
Genre: Puzzle
Released: unreleased
Development Time: 2 months
My Role: Design, Programming, Art

Table-Top Puzzles

Gadgets is a puzzle game with pieces on a wooden gameboard. Get each piece to its goal by carefully laying out gadgets in their path. Arrow pads change direction; jump pads launch pieces to upper-levels; buttons can activate all kinds of objects.

All of this while relaxing in your study by a crackling fire.

Also features a sandbox mode to make your own creations!



Gadgets was a class project, and I collaborated with 2 other students.

The game is inspired by Lego Alpha Team, one of my favorite games from my childhood. It had different Lego characters blindly running through levels, and it was up to the player to place lasers, mirrors, trampolines, etc in such a way that the characters completed an objective. Gadgets is in the same genre of puzzle games.

The aesthetic of Gadgets is something I'm very proud of. The concept is that the player is sitting in a virtual study next to a fireplace, calmly tapping pieces around a wood gameboard. Our goal was to relax the player, as if they were relaxing in a real study.