cp ritalin

a map for Team Fortress 2


Name: cp_ritalin_b1
Gamemode: Capture Point
Size: Small
Released: 2010
Latest build: 2010, beta


  • Valve (some of the buildings are borrowed from koth_viaduct)


Ritalin is a competitive focused 2 CP map. The map is small, fast, has tight sight-lines, and encourages team play. The layout is designed with competitive players' feedback in mind, and I've spoken to a number of comp teams about how to improve it. After rigorous 6 v 6 testing and a few layout-revisions, I've come up with what I believe to be a solid comp map that is simple, but infinitely replayable.

The map is designed specifically to add more vertical elements to the tried-and-true comp formula. This will keep 6 v 6 teams on their toes, but ensure that they never get lost. Ritalin's design is the natural evolution of a standard symmetrical comp map into something with a bit more edge.



Ritalin is a joke map. It was one of the early joke maps posted at www.tf2maps.net (which eventually started hosting joke map contests).

Ritalin is interesting because it looks absolutely brainless, but if you play it it's actually pretty fun. The Spy becomes the new front-line assault class, running around trying to get 1-hit-kill back-stabs. Soldiers are forced to pop people in the air and air-shot them. Pyros need to air-blast enemies to the sides of the map where there are no health-kits. Coordinated teams can even send players around eating-up health-kits, making dangerous areas where you suddenly can't regenerate health for a span of time.

Whenever I release or promote Ritalin, I pretend it is a 100% serious competitive map.