de glacier


Name: de_glacier
Gamemode: Bomb / Defuse
Size: Medium
Released: 2005
Latest build: 2007, final


The World Renowned Blue Glacier Ski Lodge is in the final stages of renovations for the new winter season. A blizzard struck the lodge the previous morning, resulting in an unexpectedly deep snow pack. The early snow shower guarantees the Blue Glacier Resort to open its doors earlier than any other ski resort in the country. The Blue Glacier Resort is expected to make record profit early in the season.

Another rival high class ski resort, recovering from a bad previous season, may face bankruptcy with this competition. The owner of this resort has called in a squad of terrorists to attack the Blue Glacier lodge in an effort to force it to remain closed long into the season. The police caught wind of the attack just hours before it was planned to start...



de_glacier is the best thing to come out of my Counter Strike: Source mapping. I released a couple very old versions of this map when I was still new to mapping for the Source Engine. Then over the course of a year or so, I kept improving the map until I released this final version.

Glacier is a bomb/defuse map with a fairly conservative layout - still sticking to the classic formula of a dangerous middle path, two side paths leading to either bomb site, and a handful of inner-paths. I had a lot of time to revise it and ended up with a very balanced map.

It also neatly incorporates something else I like: snowboarding. The map is a ski resort! Why do terrorists want to bomb a ski lodge? Who knows! But it makes a pretty cool setting for a game of Counter Strike.

Looking back on Glacier after a few years, the main thing I'm disappointed with is the visuals. Parts of the map still look pretty good, but others are very lacking. I've definitely improved my abilities as an environmental artist since making this map.

I'm still proud of Glacier; it's my first successful level design! Plus after all these years it's still fun to play.