fy highrise


Name: fy_highrise_09
Gamemode: Fight Yard
Size: Small
Released: 2007
Latest build: 2008, final


B&R International owns two identical skyscrapers, connected by three glass walkways 35 stories in the air. Automated elevators connect the two stories harboring the walkways. Fight for your lives with a fantastic view! But be warned: nothing will break your fall to street-level.



FY (or "Fight Yard") is a popular custom map type in Counter-Strike, with no objectives and short rounds. Highrise has a unique FY layout and became fairly popular.

In Highrise, the two teams fight over 3 glass hallways suspended over the street, across two floors. There are two elevators on either side behind where players spawn. The position of the hallways forces players to look in all directions to stay safe. It also encourages ambushing from above. The simple layout hides lots of alcoves to snipe from and paths to take from one side to the other.

The map combines this with the simple joy of watching ragdolls fall long distances.

The original Highrise was very rough. Near the end of 2008 I released a new version (fy_highrise_09) with imroved the graphics.