gm mountainside

a map for Garry's Mod


Name: gm_mountainside
Gamemode: None (sandbox)
Size: Huge
Released: 2013
Latest build: 2013, final


Mountainside is a big snowy stretch of highway, suitable for all snowy-stretch-of-highway activities. It's based on the road up to Big Bear California.



This map is the result of building a map in Source using only my own props and textures. In the end a couple default textures were left in, but all the major assets are mine.

This map is a re-release of an old "Mountainside" map I made for Counter-Strike Source. It's largely the same, but the graphics have been vastly improved.

This map is for Garry's Mod because it's an art project with a wide open layout. It's useful as a backdrop for sandbox play, screenshots, or machinima.

The background mountains' geometry were made in a free terrain generating program. Then I hand edited them in Maya to fit with the map, and textured them using photos I took of Mammoth Mountain.

The smooth road running through map is something very unusual in Source, which doesn't have road creation tools. I built it with splines in 3dsMax and used a convoluted export process to get it in Hammer as Source brushes.