koth/arena lolcano

a map for Team Fortress 2


Koth Name: koth_lolcano_b3
Arena Name: arena_lolcano_b2
Gamemode: King of the Hill / Arena
Size: Small
Released: 2010
Latest build: 2012, beta


Welcome to the pro-zone.

Another in my line of highly competitive maps, lolcano is on the cutting edge of serious TF2 comp action. Boasting more than 13 years of play in ETF2L, UGC, and cal leagues, lolcano is the culmination feedback from thousands of top-tear pro players.

Koth_lolcano takes a "back to basics" approach to TF2 level design. It's a basic but strategic layout that takes time and practice to learn. There are no "gimmicks" to be found here.

-rising and falling LOL lava
-a lolcanic eruption at round end

The skill-ceiling is raised even higher in the new Arena version, which removes respawning, a crutch for casual players.



This map takes place inside of a lolcano.

As you may have gathered, Lolcano is a joke map. It's also a joke map that spiraled out of control and attracted a larger following than all my other TF2 maps.

The first release was the KOTH version. I didn't at first anticipate people playing Lolcano seriously, but they did, and the layout turned out to be okay. With 12 or so players it played surprisingly well, and the rising and falling lava was fun and prevented camping. With more players it got pretty cramped. In a subsequent release I added to the layout and improved the lighting to make it function better in full servers.

I released the Arena version a year or two after the original KOTH version. Personally I think the map is better suited to Arena than KOTH.

The most fun I've had on Lolcano was on a server with low-gravity, all soldiers, 100% crits, and instant respawn. They also played the Trololol song over the map's Trololol song. Wow.

Whenever I release or promote Lolcano, I pretend it is a 100% serious competitive map.