a map for Team Fortress 2


Name: artpass_spud_fix1
Gamemode: Attack and Defend CP
Size: Medium
Released: 2010
Latest build: 2010, final


  • Valve (map layout)
  • "ethankarnopp" (tractor model)
  • "Shmitz" (tiled roof texture)
  • Wade "Nineaxis" Fabry (posters)


BLU must infiltrate the RED vineyard and winery. Located in the rolling green hills of the valley, the RED Wine Company is believed to be a front for a sinister plot...

Vineyard (technically "artpass_spud") was my entry in Valve's "Artpass Contest." The contest challenged mappers to take a blank map's layout, and add all the theming and detailing. I did not design the layout of this map, however nearly all the mesh of the map is completely new. Vineyard didn't win, but you can see the winning entries here.



The vineyard theme is a new theme for TF2. I took the pre-existing farm theme and used an assortment of new textures and models to turn it into something fresh. Plus, the Red team's base is a winery full of red wine. Get it! Hah!

I think a vineyard and winery theme fits in the world of TF2 perfectly. I'm a little surprised Valve themselves didn't beat me to it. It maintains the agrarian styling used in the official maps like 2fort and Granary, but makes it much more colorful with all the green ivy and rolling hills.

After the artpass contest, I experimented with a few test maps using the vineyard theme. Unfortunately, none of those experiments panned out, so the vineyard theme is thus far confined to this artpass entry.